Sunday, 29 May 2011


Hi everyone, it is sunday evening and the weather is a bit dreary here in the U.K.
I have an unusual post for you this evening !
When i went on holiday last week, i had an overwhelming urge to sew ?
So i armed myself with a biscornu pattern ! The word BISCORNU is french and the definition of this word is 'QUIRKY, ODDLY SHAPED' ! I have added tiny beads to the pattern!!

Biscornus are all the rage at the moment,in the sewing world........people collect them, swap them etc! So here are a few pictures of my 'QUIRKY CUSHION' ....... 
I can make these to order, if anyone is interested, please email me


  1. Hi Chris- this is so different and I haven't heard of this before. What a lovely project and great colours...


  2. I am with Anne I have never heard of it either Chris. My daughter does cross stitch but nothing like this. Do you use it for pins Chris or is it ornamental. Your work is lovely by the way, I would have added beads as well.

  3. oh this is one beautiful project gorgeous material hugs cheryl xxx

  4. I have never heard of this before, it's beautiful! i love the colours you used they are my fave!!

  5. I've had such a hard time trying to leave a comment for you! Blogger for me has been crazy! I do love this; very unusual and oh so lovely!