Saturday, 29 October 2011


Hello people, just an update on my progress with this embroidery! As you can imagine it is very slow going as life
gets in the way sometimes !
I have used a  number of different stitches..........Buttonhole, Fern, French
knots, colonial knots, needle weaving, long and short stitch for shading and Chain stitch !
I have added tiny pearls and Goldwork
Tubes called 'PERL-PURL'.
I have used many different threads also, DMC Satin, DMC floss, Anchor pearl cotton, coton a'broder and Gold metallic threads!
As you an see, I am only showing parts of the embroidery......You will have to wait and see PART 3 to see what the finished article will look like !!
There are certain people who have given
me such wonderful comments about
this piece of work and I would like to
say that every stitch is a tribute to you
all for being so kind, Thankyou all so
very much.......xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Chris, this is such an amazing piece of work! I love the gold thread weaving itself in the pattern. Beautiful work my friend!

  2. This is so very beautiful...each stitch working it's way into this beautiful creations. Definitely a labor of love!

  3. Hey Chris~
    Wow, wow this is getting to be even prettier!
    Such great detailing.... what a lovely piece of
    stitchery..... Awesome!
    How's Max he must be getting bigger?
    Hugs my friend.....
    Have a super weekend.....

  4. Wow Chris - I don't know where to begin! This is a totally awesome, amazing, fabulous, stunning, piece of embroidered artwork, and yes - I LOVE it! You are so talented.
    Hugs, Sylvia xxxx

  5. My goodness Chris, your embroidery is amazing, so many different stitches, threads and beads. I have to keep going back for another look.
    I can't wait to see it finished.
    Hugs............Bee (Baukje)

  6. Didn't have my computer on yesterday so I missed your posting, sorry I am late in commenting.
    This is beautiful, every single stitch is a work of art, in a way I shall be disappointed when it is finished like a really good book I don't want it to end.

  7. WOW Chris this is absolutely are so talented..your embridery work is amazing so many different stitches and so neat and love how you have woven in the gold thread.

    hugs Anne

  8. oh looks absolutely stunning chris.the stitches are so intricate and i love the little pearls and gorgoeus colours :D

    xx coops xx

  9. This is gorgeous Chris!!! You are so very talented! Your stitches are amazing and your colour palett is lovely!

  10. A truly gorgeous 'work of art' Chris... You are blessed with a wonderful talent ... It is a total joy to watch your work taking shape like this .... I cannot wait to see it finished!
    Magnificent. Hugs... Eileen xx

  11. Wow, wonderful work Chris, you must have loads of patience. XXX

  12. BEAUTIFUL work. I can't sew to save my life, so I always admire those that can.

    Found you through Eileen's blog.


  13. Ah what incredible detailed art again Chris - a real labour of love. Not all appreciate how much dedication this takes.... Oh, and pop over to my blog if you have time - special things on post for today 1.11.11. ;D Shaz in oz.x

  14. That is such a beautiful piece of work. It reminds me of my great aunt, who was also a very talented needlewoman, and I still have a tablecloth she did for a wedding present for us.

  15. Stunning workmanship Chris, and so unusual. Popped across from Eileen G's
    Dee xxx

  16. Absolutely beautiful!! I found you through Eileen! Such talent!

  17. This is so vibrant and full of energy and color! I love it. Thanks for pointing me here. (for some reason Blogger won't let me post as me). Marjorie, Moonsilk Stitches

  18. Gorgeous colours and stitches ! : )