Thursday, 25 April 2013


Hello dear friends......Well the time has come to give away my secret !
I think that I have kept you waiting long enough !

WHAT YOU WILL NEED...............
1. A piece of calico fabric
2. Watercolour paints....3 or 4 colours
3. A large and a small paint brush
4. A painters pallett or two dinner
5. Kitchen roll for mopping up
6. Pencil
7. punched paper flowers......or see my tracing tute !
8. Small Water spray bottle
9. Hairdryer

Fill water spray with warm water and spray calico fabric with paper flowers in place..... till quite damp, leaving the outer edge dry ! You may need to hold punched designs in place ! Keeping the paper flowers in place and using a large paintbrush, drop splodges of different colours onto the fabric and let the colours
merge into one another slightly !

Use the water spray to help the colour merge..................

By this stage the fabric will be very wet, so lay a piece of kitchen towel on top
to mop up the surplus moisture !
Lift the kitchen towel off and also the paper templates........................       
and your design should be showing through the watercolours like this ..........

Next step is to pencil in the design like so.........................................

When this stage is complete, you can then dry the fabric with a hair dryer !

And your design should look something like this..........................

Now all you have to do is place in a hoop or frame and embroider !
If you decide to do my tracing tutorial on the fabric first then you can go back over the drawn design with more watercolour and water spray to enhance the depth of colour in drawn areas of the design !

I do hope that this tutorial will help a lot of people to enhance their embroidery and if anyone has any questions then please leave a comment and I will reply on MY please come back to my blog for your answers !
Thank you for popping by.....YOU make it all worthwhile !!!


  1. You are so quick, posting one tutorial after another. Now I have two I definitely want to try. This water colour trick really makes a beautiful background.

  2. What a wonderful, fantastic lovely watercolor tutorial... Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs Judy

  3. Great tutorial!!Will definitely give a try. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you Chrus for such great tutorial. Fabulous coloured background

    Anne x

  5. Great tut and lovely fabric. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for sharing your secret with us. It sure is a beautiful background. judy

  7. Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial. Now to get the necessaries together to attempt my own work of art!

  8. This is a great tutorial, I have used watercolours before but never put my stencil patterns on first and painted round them, thank you for the good tip.

  9. Another super simple idea that is so stunning. I can't wait to try it and share with grandkids who will love the craft. Yay!

  10. Just beautiful. Cant wait to try some of your ideas. piedmontnc

  11. Bonjour,
    tuto super interressant, je vous écris de France.Votre blog et ouvrages magnifiques.Si je peux je m'inscrit à la newsletter
    Encore merci pour faire partager votre savoir faire

  12. Can one still block a piece of embroidery with this technique?
    Your work is what I have always dreamed embroidery could be!

  13. Hi from Scotland. I was wondering, are these special watercolour fabric paints or just ordinary watercolours normally used for paper? Would you be able to use acrylic fabric paints in the same way? I hope you can advise me. Great tut, thanks.

  14. Amazing! Thank you for sharing!