Saturday, 25 May 2013

The stitching 'BUG' has flown !

Hi folks, as the title says.......I have lost the will to stitch ! It has been 3 weeks since I last posted and I just cant seem to get my 'mojo' back.......Sooooo sorry
to all my followers, I know its disappointing !
All my creative juices seem to be flowing in the ART direction at the moment.........I am having such a buzz with my watercolours and Prisma pencils and well as acrylic paint and I'm working on some 'Art journal' pages !
   I know this is a stitching blog, but would anyone like to see my 'Artwork' ?
Well I'm goin to show you anyway ! Who knows, I might turn this blog into an
ART blog.......Mmmmmm.........Thinking ?????????
 Dont feel the need to comment on this post..........
     On a different note.......... I shall be away for a week from 2nd june, so who knows what I shall have to show you all when I get back.........Watch this space !
    Thank you for reading this post anyway and hopefully I shall be back to full
strength after my holiday !
   Have a great week and is too short, enjoy it  !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. We all have times when we just don't feel like doing what we should. You know me, I love your stitching as well as your art and color works. Why don't you just make this a "General Blog" and post whatever you feel like! That would work!

  2. Chris this happens to all of us our mojo just seems to go...BUT your artwork sounds interesting and I cant wait to see what you product!
    Sometimes it also does us good to have a little break, enjoy yours and I hope the sun shines for you, Dave and of course little Max...


    Anne x

  3. What the heck!! It's YOUR blog, post what you want to and art is art no matter what media!! Lets see your art. I have been looking in the art direction recently and I would LOVE to see what you are doing. I NEED to know! ~lol~ Have a great vacation and come back and show us your art!!

  4. Just go with the flow, create what and how much you want, blog if you feel like it, if not, just take a rest. I'll be waiting to see what you are working on, when you do blog. Enjoy, and don't put pressure on yourself.

  5. Agreed....stitching is just as much an art form as all the other things you do. It's all about you and your creative spirit. I want to see it all :)

  6. I would LOVE to see your art work. Stitching, painting, collage, whatever floats your boat, we want to see it!

  7. Don't get hung up on us whatever your muse is working on! :)

  8. Just back from a long weekend and have had "NO INTERNET" really missed it.
    I would love to see Ella's Craft Creations and "Craft" doesn't just have to be stitching, have a break from sewing needles and then when you feel the sewbug returning you will be invigorated. Have a lovely holiday, see you on your return. xx

  9. Hi Chris, I too have the hump, I pay loads to be able to sent blogs from far and wide only to find that there is NO internet available to send it. Maybe going to change my provider.
    Anyway we must plod on even though I get very for comments on my blog.
    Go for the "art" you will be great.
    Luv Mike XXX