Sunday, 18 August 2013

Just a little more...........ZENITH 1

Hello dear friends, had a great holiday with my grandaughter Ella-mae and did a little more on my needlepoint design.....take a little look

Just a short post this evening to show you all my progress ! Hope you have all had a great week end ! My son has come home more cruise ships for a little while, lovely to have him back safe and sound...Shall update again soon,
Thank you for peeping into my Zenith.....LOL


  1. The highest point reached by a celestial or other object.


  1. Pleased you had a great holiday with Ella....your project is gorgeous and your colours are stunning Chris, so many lovely stitches and wonderful designs ...look forward to seeing the finished project


  2. Welcome home and glad you had a good time. Love the stitch work it is so vibrant. XXXX

  3. Just lovely progress with your beautiful work and the colouring is so eye catching. Please you had a great time with Ella-mae, it is so wonderful to be able to, we visited ours this afternoon as we were nearby. Have a nice catch up with your son until he is off again, pleased that he is doing well doing what he likes. xx

  4. Un lavoro molto intrigante aspetto di vedere il seguito

  5. I love this design!

  6. I love the colours and the design is great too! Looking forward to seeing your progress. It's wonderful how time with one's grandchildren can inspire.

  7. You always make such lovely designs! Do you stitch 'as you go' without too much planning ahead? Then you are truly talented.