Monday, 2 September 2013

Zenith 2 and my glorious inspiration !

Hello dear friends, well I've started my Zenith 2 and I'm loving it..............

I sooooo love this colourway....its so vibrant and unusual !
I've always struggled with 'colour', well I thought I did till I was told last week that I was a 'Colour guru' and inspired people..........Well that is my no.1 goal, to inspire you all to create beauty whether you are a Card making artist ( photographer............ just someone who loves to play with needle and thread

I adore my hobby and really admire the skills of others, there are many talented souls out there to inspire us !

Watch my progress week by week and I hope that I will 'enchant ' you !
Standing in my garden just as the sun was going down, I took this shot and it gave me such wonderful 'colour' inspiration for Zenith 2......Take a look........

I was blown away by this and I know how very lucky I am to see this from my back garden........This one's for you Mike and Sue !
Have a colourful and magical week......I'm off now to make some Green tomato and chilli chutney with my new huge 'Jam kettle'.......Thanks for popping in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Aw, thanks Chris that last one is lovely. Thanks for the good wishes and love the Zenith 2, you are so talented in what you do. Keep up the great work and I will keep sending pictures to you.
    We seen to be on a par both enjoying what we do so lets bounce off one another.
    Cheers Chris, luv Mike and Sue. XXXX

  2. Chris you certainly do know how to put colours together even colours that I wouldn't have even went together but actually look stunning and your current project is no exception...Do you plan your work or just get inspired as you go along....Chris I still think you ought to teach...if I were nearer I would be first on your list of pupils...

    Hugs Anne

  3. Oh really lovely talented work and thank you for your very good wishes. Michael really loves what he does with photography so it makes it all the more easy for us to appreciate how much you love what you do. Keep on stitching and we will keep on loving what we see.

  4. Beautiful colours and a nice sky too!

  5. I can't believe I've only just found your blog! And I thought I already knew all the good ones!