Friday, 14 March 2014

Embr----ochet.........Embroidery and Crochet, working together !

Hello dear friends, the sun is shining here in the UK and I am having a very peaceful and creative Friday !
I have come up with this idea of  using Embroidery and Crochet to create a 3D Hoop art image.............
Take a look at this 'eye' candy and I would love to hear your opinions on Embrochet--------

The flowers are crocheted with perle 8 threads    

And encrusted with crystals and beads !

Just adore the colours !

Hope you have a great week end dear friends !

And this is my beautiful grandson........

Love You Toby.......xxxxxxx

                                      took this pic in my garden this


  1. Very pretty and a great idea. Toby is a cute ham!!

  2. Hello Chris....Wow what a fabulous combination and it works so well together...beautiful colours that blend in so well....
    Its been another cold and very foggy day down in here in deepest Somerset....

    Hugs Annex

  3. oh how beautiful! What a wonderful idea!

  4. Well done Chris, we have been away since Friday and couldn't see Blogs so now catching up, a lovely weekend with our Caravan/Motorhome group and we particularly thought of you in Appledore Church (as you will see later) x
    Lovely piece of work and the idea of using crochet and stitches works so well and so reminds me of why we thought of you in Appledore. The colours are superb, as is your grandson, love the hat. I think that butterfly flew down to us after as it sat on our bumper. xx

  5. Lovely blog Chris, we had no signal in Appledore otherwise i would have posted a blog from there. Great work as usual, looking forward to meeting up in the summer. XXXXX

  6. Very pretty crocheted flowers and love the beads.

    Hugs diane

  7. I have just found your site and it is now at the top of my list. The composition is extremely creative and such beautiful embroidery. I will be attempting something like this but a small flower to start. I hope one day with lots and lots practice to be able to embroider like you. Many many thanks Audrey

  8. your work is breath taking and I hope with lots of practice to produce work similar to yours. You are top of my list as a must look very often. Many many thanks Audrey

  9. Hi Audrey, just wanted to say Thank you for your lovely kind words and I am so happy that I inspire you ! You can become a friend to me on facebook, as I put a lot of my work on there.......Just put Chris Richards in the search box on facebook and send me a 'Friend ' request xxxxx