Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A block of Crazy stitching and a fabulous Quaker Ball in progress !

Hi Everyone, hope you had a great Easter and a huge 'pig out ' on all that yummy chocolate !
Today I am showing a little crazy quilting block and by 'little I mean little !

This is my first attempt and the entire block is done by hand as my daughter 
has got my sewing machine.......and I want it back !!!!

Also I am working on a Quaker Ball, which is something that I have just discovered !

Sorry about the light glare on the photograph !

These are my first four squares for mt Quaker ball !
Shall be showing progress on this with updates.........
Thanks so much for popping by and please leave a comment,
Its always lovely to hear from my followers and any questions
you have, I will always try and answer !
Have a good week all xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hello Chris...I just love your quilted project and what a fabulous idea...love all your different stitches and gorgeous colours...looking forward to seeing your Quaker ball...

    Hugs Anne xxx

  2. Hi Chris. Your CQ block looks lovely. Really like this Quaker ball - have not seen one previously!

  3. Lovely Quilt and roll on the Quaker Ball. XXX

  4. Quaker ball looks intriguing and all those lovely little stitches are so glorious to see with all the colours and different looks. xxx

  5. Wow what talent, love the quilt blocks and Quaker Ball pattern.

    Hugs diane