Friday, 9 May 2014

Ssssshhhhh, dont tell anyone.......This is our ' Crewel ' secret !

I've got a secret....Ssshhhhhh, that I want to share with you ! Click on the pictures....You can see them better.......... This is my new Crewel piece and only you can see a little bit of it.....want to see ?

So, you want to see more ?

And more .........

And more ........

You like this, don't you !

And just a little more.......

There ! ! !  You've had your 'Eye candy ' fix for today.......

My Grandson Toby with his favourite chicken noodles .....Yum !

And a super macro shot of my wonderful Amaryllis......
Have a great week end all.......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hello Chris,
    This is beautiful.
    I don't know how to do embroidery but I like any type of sewing crafts.
    Anyway thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello never cease to amaze me with your beautiful work...your .Crewel work is just amazing and to such a high standard of stitching...can't wait to see the finished piece..

    Hugs Anne xx

  3. Love this beautiful secret!

  4. What a tease Chris! A lovely piece - are you using perle cottons? Post more....background, threads, stitches etc....

    1. Hi Lorraine,Yes, lovely perle 8 and Dmc floss !
      Imight post more but do not want to give all my secrets away !
      Hugs to you Lorraine xx

  5. WOW! Is there a better word to express one's delight at seeing such eye candy? Absolutely stunning Crewel work, Chris. Your stitches are so NEAT and the design is fabulous. Then the photos are works of art in themselves.
    Have a great weekend filled with charming grandchildren and needle 'n thread.

    1. Hi Queenie, thanks for your lovely words...I so love 'Crewel ' I think its my favourite really ! Have a great week end.......xx

  6. Great work and great pics, thank you for sharing. Anna