Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Good morning........Lots to SEE !

Hello all, well I've been so busy just lately preparing for my workshops at Sew Arty of Kenilworth.....Anyway enough chatter, wanna see some 'EYE CANDY '.......

This is a project that I started a little while ago ! 
I shall be using this experimental piece in a workshop
I am giving at Sew Arty on the 1st August........

My darling Hubby watering the garden AGAIN !!!

My first Cougette flower...they are huge !

My beautiful Daughter Leanne with my son in law Gary
Bless them..........

Thats all folks....A BIG THANKYOU for stopping by....


  1. Hello!

    These "eye candy" are really gorgeous! It certainlly will be a great workshop!

  2. Wow Chris your project is just stunning...only wish I lived closer to attention your workshop....your photo of Dave 'watering' the garden made me smile....

    Hugs Anne x

  3. Scrumptious eye candy - and not a calorie in sight! You have such a good feel for colour combination and where to add beads.
    It will be a GREAT workshop!

  4. I just realised that there was just a very big gap at the bottom of your post, at first I thought you weren't taking comments so I only studied. Your work is so beautiful, you just have such a good feel for colours and textures, something that you can't learn, it is a gift and I am so pleased that you share it with others. xx

  5. I have just discovered your blog, you do beautiful work! I am just learning embroidery, but really enjoying it - looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.

  6. Such delightful eye candy. I keep returning to see them again.
    How lucky the people who will join your class.