Saturday, 19 March 2011


Hi all, this is a card that has a little bit of sparkle ! I carefully cut out the image with a sharp craft knife and mounted it onto an adhesive sheet. I then sprinkled glitter into the cut image. Then i inked around the edges with big and juicy inkpad. I then stamped, embossed and watercoloured an 'elusive images' butterfly. I cut some black strips and gold embossed them. I then put the card together and added some square gems.....!!
 The sun is shining today and i am very happy, as my son is coming home from UNI,
in Brighton tomorrow and i have'nt seen him since Christmas !!! Tomorrow will be an extra special day for me....!! I hope the weekend has something special for each and every one of you...........!!!!


  1. Hi Chris...this is beautiful, very oriental...
    We too are off tomorrow to the Sussex coast, Littlehampton for a few days, so hoping for some sunshine.
    Enjoy your time with your son.


  2. Yes, I agree with Anne Chris it has a touch of the Oriental, it is the black and gold strips I think.
    Very clever of you to cut out the fern, the photo does not do it justice I suspect as we are not picking up the sparkle. Would love to see it in real time.

  3. Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments. The fern on your card would make a great tangle, you are very artistic!
    Happy tangling!