Saturday, 30 July 2011


Hi Folks, its the weekend and the sun is shining here in the uk ! I decided to have a go at a collage on a canvas.....but its not as easy as i had thought! I've got about half way with it and sort of lost my mojo !! So I have put it to one side for now and try to gain some inspiration to continue with it ? IF YOU KNOW HOW I CAN GET INSPIRED

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR IDEAS IN A COMMENT,which would be very much appreciated.......Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy  yourself....xxxxxx


  1. Chris you have given me a wonderful idea to use all my odd bits of craft leeft overs to make a collage,your colours are just beautiful. You have inspired me as I have some small canvas's hidding somewhere in my cupboard, thank you Chris


  2. Miss MoJo can be elusive at times! When mine slips out the door, I usually make flowers, or deep clean my space. Sometimes I just see how different products react with different papers or card stock. Just play or experiment. I forget deadlines and the fact that there are other chores to do and get totally involved with playing. First thing you know my MoJo is back. Everyone is different....just do something you really enjoy.

  3. Gorgeous colors and elements Chris - I don't think it needs much more done to it!

  4. My dear Chris~
    I must agree with Jacqueline- it is just perfect the way it is... You are so inspiring luv how you come up with all these clever ideas and colors... This is a gorgeous masterpiece...
    Have a happy weekend my friend~
    hugs to you :)

  5. this is beautiful chris.i can`t see that there is anything missing..the pretty colours and details are gorgeous ;D

    xx coops xx

  6. oh chris love this the colors and elements in this work so beautifully hugs cheryl xx

  7. This is beautiful Chris and the colours are so pretty

  8. Hello Chris .... well as the other ladies have said it already looks pretty good .... Leave it for a while and then look again... the colours are so pretty x

    Happy anniversary to you and your husband. 34 years ....great stuff !

    I just love the card in your post below this one .... I use that Marianne Rose die all the time ... I adore them (have them both!)

    I am so delighted you are following 'my mate' Trev's blog .... he and Mike and Sue (Mike's wife) are very old friends. We lost touch but FB and blogging got us all back together again...woohoo . They all follow me and support my card efforts and also follow Daisy's blog ( our puppy!) Very lovely people. E xxxx

  9. WOW!! Chris I think its awesome!! oh I must try this looks great fun
    I wanted to thank you for all the lovely comments you leave it really is appreciated I am still trying to catch up!!