Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Hello people, Just a quick post ! As you probably  know I have a new puppy and all my attention is on him at the moment....A bit of intensive training is needed ! I will try very hard to get something creative on my blog

when I get the chance, but here are a couple of pics of my adorable pooch Max with Old Short Legs....these are especially for Daisy and Holly, eileen and OTL,trev, mike and susiequeque.....Thanks for stopping by ......xxxxxxx


  1. Oooooooooo he is so cute .... OSL is too!

    We are thrilled to see new pictures ! Thanks for posting them Chris and for dedicating them to the 'blog-spot gang' woohoo! xxxxx

  2. Oh Chris he is just adorable.......he's certainly keeping you busy bless his little paws!

    hugs Anne

  3. Yo Max! That's right, give them plenty of exercise and they will fall asleep on the sofa!

    As for intensive training, I would not over do it, these Two Legs lack concentration, if you give them too much to do they get confused!

    Love the picture of you laughing, you must let us know what the joke was!

    See you soon,


    Daisy & Holly

  4. Nothing like 4 little feet tripping around. I'm sure he keeps your two feet hopping! He is adorable and if he gets to be too much for you, send him to me. He should fit right in with my three here already. I have two Yorkies and my husband has a 12 year old Pug. They rule!

  5. Thanks Chris for the pictures and dedication, also to you who managed to stay awake long enough to take the photos. Max is adorable and I am sure he will bring you both lots of joy and happiness.

  6. Oh Max, way to go, keep em on there toes. Wonderful set of nashers you got, dont forget to look after them with one of Daisy's Carrots now and again. XX

  7. Woof Woof Chris~
    Max is so cute / I luv animals so I can relate to the way you feel about him.... He seems like his one spoiled brat.....
    hugs my friend and max too!

  8. Max is soooo adorable! I know you have your hands full Chris, but dogs are such loving little 'fur-babies' :) Give him a big hug from me


  9. aw he is so cute chris :D

    xx coops xx

  10. Anymore Pictures yet Chris? I read about the THREE dry nights on Trev's blog!....woohoo!!

    I wanna cuddle him .... !xxx
    Luv Eileen xx