Sunday, 11 September 2011

Max......Welcome to the world sweetheart !

Hello folks, I've just become a mum again to my new fur baby MAX !!! He is a miniature Schnauzer puppy
and the most cute clever little chap that i have ever laid eyes on........with the exception of the Wonderful, magnificent Daisy and Holly, well renowned for there antics with OTL (old two legs ) Take a look at their
blog  Max is eight weeks old and he is fetching his squeeky ball ALREADY !!
Anyway here's a couple of photos for now and I shall post some better ones soon ! I shall have a lot of training to do with max in the next couple of weeks, but will try to put some creations up when time permits

Thank you so much for looking !!! xxxxxxx


  1. ooh Chris he's gorgeous, he'll tire you out!!
    non stop energy at this age!!

  2. Well, how sweet is this! Max is adorable! I'm sure he is just popping with energy...maybe you need vitamins!

  3. Ahhhhh Chris he is just adorable....he looks like he will keep you on your toes and of course you wont spoil him will you.....MUCH.....wish I could give him a cuddle....

    HUgs Anne

  4. Aww his so cute Chris - and I think his going to be a spoiled one too!

  5. Big hugs for me, don't let him see Daisy and Holly's blog or he will be wanting to go over to the New Field, in The Swim Hole and visit the Not Not Neddies. You will be even more worn out.
    Have a lovely time with him.
    Sue G xx

  6. Oh he is beautiful Chris ... so adorable! Congratulations on your new member of the family:)

  7. Wonderful new addition to the family, he's so cute.

    You have no excuse now to set up a blog of Max's Adventures so we can all see his antics and him growing up.

    Well done XX

  8. aw he is so cute chris :D

    xx coops xx

  9. Woof, woof woof, grumble 'n woof. Woof an woof, lick lick grumbly grumbly, woof!


    OTL says he looks like he is going to be a super fun dog to live with, loads of character and love!

    Daisy & Holly

  10. He is a real poppet ... I want a cuddle!!!
    Enjoy every minute Chris ... Daisy and Holly have changed our lives .... including lowering our BP and making us walk in the fresh air LOADS more than we did ...all good stuff ...! Ooooooo he's so lovely .... don't forget his raw carrots every day .... good for his teeth and gentle on his tummy xxxxxxxxx

  11. Hope you are enjoying Max Chris - he looks a real sweetheart!

  12. Well it look like I have another four legged best friend to add to the other two.

    Nice pictures Chris.