Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Hello my favourite people.....Just to let you know that this embroidery is finished and I can now proudly

showcase All my hard work ! !
I have so enjoyed and endured the making of this piece and need to thank certain people for their continuous support throughout ! Eileen, I thank you for putting a link up on your blog, Jacqueline, Anne,
Susiequeue, Glenda, Shirl, Nic, Mike, Trev.......if I've left anyone out, many apologies ! Last but not least my dear husband Dave for walking the naughty Max to let me get on !!! My next project will be started in a few days time.....Have a good week  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.S. This embroidery was a commission, but unfortunately this person has let me down..........Anyone 
interested in this piece of work can email me on BIKERDCR@AOL.COM      Many thanks xx


  1. Let me be first on here to say a big WELL DONE on this magnificent work. So sorry to find that you have been let down, I do hope you find a suitable home for this heirloom of a piece.

  2. WOW!!!! Chris this is absolutely beautiful,
    stunning work!!
    I wish I had your patience and skill
    Thanks for sharing your project with us

  3. It's magnificent Chris, How can the person who ordered it not want it.
    I hope you find someone to give it a home.

  4. This is absolute perfection Chris - you must have the patience of a Saint. So sorry you have been let down, but I'm sure you won't have any problems finding a new home for it.
    Hugs, Sylvia xxx

  5. oh wow this is just fantastic oh just love love this to bits,amazing work hugs cherylxx

  6. What a lovely piece of work, well done Chris. Sorry you have been let down, get a deposit or the money up front in future. Keep this work as a sample I'm sure you will get loads of orders. XX

  7. Wow Chirs!
    What a great masterpiece by one fine crafty person....This is totally magnificent love all those fine detailing you did to complete it with such great perfection.... You are awesome my friend....This needs to be put in a pretty picture frame hunged on that wall that you can admire everytime you pass by it....
    Hugs to you :-)

  8. Oh yes ... I agree with all the comments posted above... A truly stunning piece of work ... Glorious colours and magnificent workmanship ... I will be linking again when I next post ...xxxx
    Well done you!!!! hugs Eileen xxxxx

  9. Oh my goodness....this turned out so pretty. My poor adjectives cannot describe how beautiful I think this is! I have never seen such quality workmanship. Even my own Grandmother could not come up to this piece. Anyone who has ever done hand stitching knows the love that goes into each and every stitch.

  10. I agree with Glenda, the quality of workmanship is stunning Chris! Congratulations on having preserved to finish it!!

  11. wow this is fantastic chris.so beautiful and its so intricate.fancy been let down though after all the time that you spent.

    xx coops xx

  12. That is great Eileen, I have not seen anything like it since my Grandmother did a lot of this but she was a tailor.

  13. I am lost for words......fancy letting you down after all the hard work on this beautiful masterpeice......I am emailing you.


  14. Absolutely egg-straordinary embroidery! You must be egg-sausted after all that work. Okay, enough of that.....thanks so much for your comment on my egg story.
    Have a lovely day,
    Babs xo

  15. Wow I simply cannot believe that this happened to you dear Chris after all your love and dedication to the art of this beautiful embroidery, I am left speechless.
    Ah, well I believe they will get what they give and so will you! I will pray for a delighted person to come along and buy it ever so gladly from you.
    I really admire the pink satin work in the carnation, above all else although it is very hard to pick one thing out it is so beautiful. I have done embroidery in my own humble way and always felt this level of work very very hard to achieve.
    May God richly bless you in your labour of love there Chris, love Shaz in oz.x

  16. Absolutely Stunning. So sorry that your commissioner let you down. I hope that you can find a new home for it quickly.

  17. just found your blog. this is absolutely beautiful! one of the most interesting pieces i've seen in a while! Fantastic colors and stitches!

  18. Stunning piece of work!


  19. Absolutley GORGEOUS work Chris!

    Hearts n Hugs,