Thursday, 24 November 2011


Hello everyone, a nice bright sunny morning here in the UK ! This is the start of my latest embroidery.....It is an ELSA WILLIAMS traditional crewel embroidery kit, that is new on the market ! My dear husband treated me as he knew I had fallen in love with this piece !
It is embroidered with wool  by tradition and dates right back in history !! I shall post up my progress probably on a weekly basis for those are interested ! I cannot seem to muster up any mojo for card making at the moment, so sorry !!
Oh and by the way, my DH has posted the most fascinating fungi on his blog........We visited a place called 'Hay woods' this week and I was absolutely amazed at the array of Fungi growing there !! This is his blog address  Please if you have time take a little look !
Have a wonderful and peaceful day.........hugs chris R xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. A stunning design Chris - you've certainly made a brilliant start on it and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result!
    Hugs, Sylvia xxx

  2. You're a lucky lady..:) Enjoy embroidering on it and show it to us when you finish.

  3. Chris you will do a magnificent job of this I am sure. Looking forward to seeing you as you progress.
    I do miss your card creations.

    Have a lovely day my friend,

  4. You are really spoiled by your DH - love this new creation you are working on, can't wait to see the end results......
    Woof woof to Max
    Have a great wonderful day!
    hugs my freind :)

  5. Hello Chris....I cant wait to see the finish piece the little bird in the centre is so sweet. ARe you going to frame it or have it as a cushion cover...seems too nice to be a cushion and to be sat upon.....looking forward to seeing your progress

    Anne xx

  6. Wow Chris , you have so much skill that embroidery is stunning, as others have said, cant wait for the finished article.xx

  7. oh wow chris this is simply,stunning oh just love embroidery and admire people who can do it,just beautiful hugs cherylxxxxx

  8. wow chris this is going to look the design :D

    xx coops xx

  9. This looks beautiful with the black background and I'm sure you will have many happy hours doing one of your favorite things! Have a wonderful weekend dear Chris!

  10. Oh good 'o' I forgive you not doing cards! cos these little works of art are even BETTER! and I enjoy watching their beauty grow over time .... So far gorgeous!!

    Hugs Eileen xxxx

  11. ah Chris this is so very lovely - love it to bits!! and so know what you mean about not feeling like doing some things - that's the way it goes off to check out the fungi,
    love Shaz in Oz.x

  12. Please help me! I am just starting this kit but the color key is wrong....they gave me numbers for the colors instead of letters. Did you have this issue? There is nowhere I can contact the makers of this kit for problems. Thanks, Jane.

  13. Don't worry....I finally figured out the color code index, which was the most complicated I'd ever seen. My confusion has been cleared after an HOUR of staring at the directions in complete bafflement. Is your project finished now, and did you enjoy making it?

  14. Hello, I am new to Crewel Embroidery and I found pictures of this kit on Pintress. Do you still have the color chart? Would you be willing to share or sell a copy? I fell in love with this and would love to stitch it. I raised and showed English Budgies here in America and this reminds me of them. Thank you, Jeane