Friday, 13 April 2012

tast 2012 stem stitch week 15 BEADED MANDALA !

Hello all, well its STEM stitch this week and I was in absolute disarray about this one !! My mind boggled for ages.....You see I wanted to do something 'out of the box' so to speak ! Well after much deliberation, I came up with this little fellow..............He is done entirely with stem stitch, with the exception of his turquoise braids!
When I found this image, I thought no, this would be too difficult but I challenged myself to go forward and try........I am so pleased with the outcome and a secret wish of mine has always been to meet a real red indian chief...maybe one day ! Oh and I lied....I did use a little satin stitch on his head dress......I hope my little red indian nurses me back to health soon, cause I still cant get rid of this rotten virus !!!
I did highlight the background with coloured pencil for effect and to accentuate some of his facial features....

Hope you have a healthy and happy week-end, and thank you for taking the time to check out my stitches,


  1. Chris what a beautiful piece of work and you certainly have been thinking out of the box...your indian is stunning, it looks like he's got real feathers. Your stitching on his headdress is fantastic and the charm just finishes your project off... Hope Dave realizes what a cleaver wife he has!!

    Hugs Anne x

  2. I'm really loving your mandalas. Every one is gorgeous. How big are they?

  3. I think your comments will sky rocket with this one Chris - you are one amazing lady!! Absolutely wonderful and I am so in awe of your beautiful creative work!

  4. Hello Chris. Very creative stitching and beading. Hugs Judy

  5. Truly fantastic, being unwell doesn't detract from your brilliance, I love your Red Indian. Nearest we have been to a real Red Indian was in Florida we stayed in a house that had a model Indian Chief beside the fire place, his name was Howee. Our hostess told us that Howee is what he would greet people with. Well done again. x

  6. Really fantastic stitch-work Chris, he looks really life like and to think he is only 5 inches across.

    Hope you feel better soon, we must keep plodding on XX

  7. Very creative. Fantastic stitching.

  8. Am really enjoying your progress!

  9. A lovely piece of work!
    Well done!

  10. fantastic stitchwork and very creative~!
    i'm amazed at the small size of the piece~!


  11. Dear Chris, this is fine idea! and so beautiful result! especially beads and that "additional" details. they make your mandala special and unique.