Sunday, 1 April 2012

Crochet therapy !!

Hello, you lovely people.......I am feeling so much better and gaining strength now ! For some strange reason, I had this insatiable urge to crochet, the last couple of dear hubby treated me to a beautiful new crochet motif book and I am loving it !
I have managed to make a few motifs from the book and my Grandaughter Ella-mae has decided she would like a cushion with flowers I have my work cut out !!
I am quite dtermined to learn to read a crochet pattern !

Here in the UK we have a traditional sunday roast dinner and this is my husband dropping a massive hint, that it was time to stop crocheting and get the sunday dinner cooked !!!!!!!
In case you were wondering....that is a large 'Broccoli' down my front !
Hope you have a good Sunday and will be back with my next TAST mandala in the week, have fun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS Love the roses !!!


  1. I know how that feels - the urge to crochet! Your work is always so neat and tidy! LOL about the Sunday roast - I will be putting my chicken in the oven very soon as we always eat dinner in the evenings... :)
    Have a lovely week dear Chris!

  2. Beautiful crochet work Chris and what a lovely idea to make a cushion with these I am sure it will look stunning..
    Your photo made me smile I have seen some always cheer me up

    hugs Anne x

  3. Well done Chris, glad you are a bit better and doing some very nice Crochet work.

    Dont take any stick from that Dave, get him to cook the dinner.

    Loads of love Mike XX

  4. The broccoli is a classic, do we expect to see a different vegetable down your front every Sunday? Crochet flowers very pretty I can imagine that you will make a perfect job for your granddaughter. Glad you are feeling better and looking forward to your next mandala.
    P.S. beautiful roses.

  5. That broccoflower is something! Glad you are on the road to recovery. Happy stitching or in this case, crocheting!

  6. Dear Chris, it's so nice to hear that you are better! and I have to say you - crochet motives is wonderful thing for health! :) yes. I love them very much!
    lovely photo with broccoli!!

  7. Hi Chris
    I missed this lovely creation. I am glad I caught up