Friday, 30 March 2012


Hello all, I am so sorry but I have nothing to show this week.......I have been struck down with a sickness virus,
and am very poorly ! I am just starting to gain strength and shall provide some eye candy as soon as I am able !
The TAST CHALLENGE  is having a catch-up week for those who are falling behind, so I chose the right week to be ill........I do hope you all out there are well, have a great week end and once again please forgive me.......
I do cherish every and hugs to all !!!!!


  1. Sorry you are feeling poorly! My hubby and I both had a viral thing for a couple of days this week. It slowed me down quite a bit for a day then I began to feel better. Hope you continue to improve!

  2. Sorry to hear you have not been well but are regaining strength!!

  3. Sorry to hear that, we will have to wait another week for your gorgeous creations. All our love and best wishes for your speedy recovery, that catch up week was useful or you would have been behind with your school work!
    Take care, love from us xx

  4. Poor Chris, as Sue said get better soon, we miss you. Lots of love Mike XXX

  5. Dear Chris, please, don't worry and be healthy soon!!
    hugs from Russia,
    Masha (Ashenka)