Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Hello all you lovely people,I am very early this week with my TAST stitch ! I am away for two weeks from the week end so have rushed to get this mandala finished , as I have so much packing to do !

I have used a 'cotton lawn' ground fabric, which I have water coloured.........And it turned out beautifully !!
The only thread that I have used on this is Coton-a-broder 16.......I love this thread for texture !!!
Alas, I have made mistakes on this one.........the spacing of my stitches is way off in places.....probably because I was rushing it !! So please forgive any 'imperfections' !!!!!!!!! 
Pearls and tiny crystal beads complete my Mandala................I love my stitching so much........I HOPE IT SHOWS................. I will try and post again before my holiday..... Have a good week dear friends and thank you so much for all your comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Bonnet lace! Wonderful!
    Is it telepathy? I, too, have been contemplating using the stitch for a lacy look to go with last week's Palestrina stitch leaf. Both are part of the folk costume hat.
    Anyway, your lace is so delicate and the added pearls and crystals add a lot of sparkle. Love it.
    Have a nice holiday!

  2. I am learning so much from your gorgeous Mandala's all these wonderful stitches and Bonnet is no expection. This is so delicate Chris and your background is beautiful you have got the shading just right and those pearl beads suit your pattern style so well.....I cant see any imperfections its just perfection to me Chris...

    Hugs Anne xxx

  3. The water coloured background works really well and adds to the delicacy of the stitching. Really pretty with the pearls and crystals, what do we do while you are away? Have a lovely holiday and a little finger rest, see you soonest. xx

  4. Wonderful work as usual Chris, our Sue got in before me.
    Have a GREAT HOLIDAY and get that Dave to dust off his camera and take some pictures. XX

  5. Chris it is absolutely wonderful usage of stitch..I tried n tried but didn't get how to incorporate it..though you are in rush you made wonderful stitching..all perfect for me!!..have nice time!!

  6. Christina a wonderful mandala as usual, does not look like you rushed it to me, interested about water colouring the fabric, does this mean you just painted water paints on? it looks beautiful.You always come up with a wonderful piece and this time so quickly, thanks for sharing it with us all.The added pearls and tiny crystals finnish it off perfectly

    Have a wonderful holiday, wonder if you will have any time to stitch? Fingers crossed the weather improves, at least it can`t get much worse.

  7. As always I love you mandalas, they are all wonderful! I love the lacy look of this one and the colours too! I can't find any imperfections! Enjoy the next weeks, hope you are on holidays! Thanks for sharing all your really great embroideries. I can learn so much from you!

  8. Wonderful madalas. Everything is perfect. Creative use of the stitch.


  9. Wow It is so pretty.

  10. Love your colored background on this one Chris!!

  11. This is just a gorgeous mandala! Love the lace and background fabric.