Saturday, 21 July 2012


Hello folks, this is your second dose of me this week as I am catching up after my lovely holiday !
The Basque stitch is another beautifully ornate stitch....That can also be manipulated in many ways.......A great stitch to experiment with ! This is my slightly hurried mandala this week, that I am not overly happy 

with !!! The usual Perle threads and beads !! I will experiment further with this stitch...............
Another  couple of holiday snaps, to brighten your day............Have a great weekend.............xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



  1. Wonderful stitch work Chris, I dont know how you do it.
    Thanks for sharing the holiday pictures, very nice.
    Looks like you had a good time.XX

  2. Such a beautiful stitch Chris....very pretty mandala and again love the way you manage to incorporate beads, sequins and pearls. You also have a great sense of colours

    Hugs Anne xxxx

  3. How can you be anything but satisfied and proud of such a stunning creation?! You are making it more and more difficult for me to pick a favourite! I love the colour combination. Another of your WOW Mandalas!

  4. I feel that this is a different colour choice this time and very lovely, the beading is pretty. Have you used the pink five pointed ones before because I find them particularly attractive used in this way. Your usual high standard to me and thanks for sharing a couple of holiday pictures with their good weather. xx