Monday, 17 December 2012

Making 'Beady' whoopee and a very Merry Christmas !

Hello everyone, Such a hectic time of year.....I've managed to squeeze in this little post ! I'm still on my 'beady buzz' learning curve and have taught myself to BEAD CROCHET !  Have you ever tried to learn something and you just cannot get it.......
Well that has been me for the last fortnight....but EURIKA, all of a sudden it all fell into place and I finally had a glorious victory..........These are the fruits of my labours...........................

Now all i have to do is measure a few wrists, so that I can finish these lovely, spiral beady bracelets !!!
I also would like to bring to your attention these lovely readables that have  inspired me lately.................

These are beaded 3d shapes that are so original and make the most beautiful jewelry.........these are my ultimate goal, if I can get my head around the instructions !!!!
Also I found this wonderful magazine from 'BEAD AND BUTTON,

There are so many projects that I would love to try.......I think 2013 is going to be an amazingly creative year for me !!!
Have a great week leading up to Christmas....will try and do another post before the 25th dec and I'll leave you with a lovely pic of two of the people that mean the world to me............................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hello this is what you have been up to?
    Well for once I can tell you I have made a couple of things using POYOTE stitch and was taught my my friend Val....I dont find beading easy at all so would never take it up as a hobby but my friend did a little workshop at my house with four other friends...
    I shall look forward to seeing your wonderful creations in 2013

    Hugs Anne

  2. Hi Chris, love your bead work it is lovely. the 3d jewelry caught my eye and looks fantastic, looking forward to you completing one of these creations in 2013.
    Love the last photo with the tree. Talking of Christmas have a lovely time and look forward to more in the New year.

    Luv Mike XXX

  3. Wishing you a very lovely and peaceful Christmas and a wonderfully creative 2013, have loved your blogs, you are so talented and have great perseverance.
    Your bead work is wonderful, your problem now is with so many talents which do you concentrate on first?
    Last photo is a treasure. xx

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  5. Chris, I think you have done wonderfully well considering the short time that you have been doing this! Thanks for sharing your endeavours with us.

    Thanks also for sharing your Christmas picture and your loved ones.

    Have a wonderful holiday, see you in the new year.

  6. I have never seen bead crochet before it looks fantastic!

  7. Hi Chris, I have just seen this and it is the first time for months. I don't seem to get an email when you post these.
    They are brilliant

  8. oh wow, your bracelets are brilliant. I haven't seen bead crochet like this before