Tuesday, 12 March 2013

EYE CANDY, WIPS, (works in progress ) and so much to learn !

Hello people.....so cold here in the Uk today ! Have been sorting through my
stash and I have come to realise that I have so many projects to get on with........

    This first one is a ' Trish Burr design..............It is so pretty !!!
It comes from this book.............

If you really love 'Crewel' embroidery, then you need this book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love ' close up' shots like this, so you can see the intricate detail of every stitch !

Next up is an experimental piece that I have been working on occasionally........as
the mood takes me ! Ooooooh I so love this hobby....It has kept me sane for years !

I think that I have used every conceivable stitch in my knowledge, on this little beauty from under the sea...........I hope that I have provided enough 'eye' candy for you this week..........OMG WHAT AM i GOING TO SHOW YOU NEXT !!!!
Have a fabulously fun week and thank you so very much for dropping by.........
BTW....thanks Mike for your great posts http://michaelgoodes.blogspot.co.uk/.......xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Never enough eye candy from you Chris ~ lol. I hae been looking through and making a plan to finish up some UFOs also. These you've shown are gorgeous. I love this hobby too. One can get lost in stitching...to a good place.

    Take care,

  2. Both pieces are amazing! But I especially like your experimental piece, it's so amazing that some of the photos could be good abstract art prints! You are very gifted, congratulations!

  3. Any of Trish Burr's books is an inspiration! She must be very pleased with your work!
    In your 'beauty from under the sea', you have shown that every stitch on earth will look fantastic 'under water'.
    True eye candy! Expecting to see more next week!!!

  4. Yummy eye candy! Love your experimental piece!

  5. They are lovly! Your experimental piece is really interesting. I used to doodle all the time and this makes me thing of an embroidery doodle... It has inspired me to try out one of my own! It also looks like a fantastic way to try out new stitches, something I've been wanting to do for ages! Thanks for the inspiration!



  6. Such beautiful work. You know that you are an inspiration to me :)

  7. Stunning work as always Chris your work is so neat. I've seen stitches that I never knew existed...looking forward to seeing your first piece of work completed .....you are so inspirational to everyone who loves embroidery ....

    Hugs. Anne x

  8. Such beautiful work Chris, I really miss seeing all that lovely work when you don't post. The photographs are stunning, I love all the angles you take of your work. Carry on enjoying your hobby and sharing it with us. xx

  9. Hi Chris, wonderful work and you can see by looking at it that you love what you do. Keep it up as if breathes fresh air into our lives.
    Thanks you also for your lovely comments and the advert to my blog, you are a treasure. XX

  10. Thanks for the beautiful eye candy, it is always a treat to visit your blog. The crewel embroidery is gorgeous,the colours and stitches look perfect.Your photographs always look so good, I only wish that I could get mine to look like that!

  11. Once again, lovely work Chris. I especially like the 'undersea' experiment. Thanks for the 'eye candy'

  12. merci pour ce partage. Quel monde merveilleux que le votre.

  13. Beautiful, all your work, I see it is becoming a favorite on pintrest and so well deserved. Your pictures are great.

  14. Eye candy for sure! As always, beautiful stitching.

  15. Your crewel piece is looking beautiful as well as your underwater sea with all the oodles of different stitches.

  16. Beautiful, beautiful work! I love your "experimental" piece - it looks like such fun, and the texture & colors are gorgeous!