Saturday, 2 March 2013

Whitework texture..............

Hello all, hope you had a great week.....A bit dull here in the UK today !
But spring is around the corner and my son is coming home in three weeks !!!
He's been cruising around the Caribbean' for five months......working on the Cruiseship 'VENTURA'.........with his band, a nice life you'd say but he is really missing home.......bless him !!!

Anyway, this is a piece of  'whitework' that I did for texture ! I feel that textural
pieces, really catch the eye and obviously which thread you use to accomplish it !
In this piece I have used perle threads, simply because they give a wonderfully tactile effect and cast shadows as they are more 'raised' than stranded flosses.......

            Love the added pearls...........I've used bullion stitch, french knots,               needleweaving,buttonhole stitch and spiders web plus many more !!!
            Have the best week something creative and be happy !
Thanks for stopping by.........Last but not least.......This embroidery was framed and given as an 80th birthday present to my Mother-in-law !!
This is her with my Grandson 'Toby'...........

                                              bless them........................
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  1. What a beautiful gift! You are so clever. Perle was the right choice for this piece.

  2. You never cease to amaze me!

  3. Chris what stunning work your MIL must have been thrilled with her beautiful gift....


  4. Wow, wonderful work and a lovely frame as well, lucky mother in law.
    Your work is truly outstanding, nice picture of Toby and the mother in law.
    Yippe, Chris on facebook, I will look and be your friend. XXX

  5. Truly beautiful piece of work, your mother in law must have been very thrilled with it for a special birthday. The texture looks really nice even in a photo and the pearls just finish it off. Well done Chris. xx

  6. The whitework is beautiful Chris!

  7. What a wonderful piece of work, I love the raised look of the stitches, it makes a beautiful present!

  8. wow, that is stunning! What an incredible piece of work.

  9. It's lovely, and what a wonderful gift! Love the smaller flowers with the seed bead centers.

  10. Beautiful whitework! Love those textured stitches...eye-catching!!! :-))) judy

  11. Just found your beautiful blog via hand embroidery and i am already hooked to it. I just cannot get enough of your work. Love each and every piece of your work.