Tuesday, 31 December 2013


A special new year wish to all my followers.......Thank you for all your wonderful comments throughout the year.....I will endeavour to create as much 'eye' candy as possible in 2014, Please stay with me as I have soo much more up my sleeve.........I do wish all of you a very Happy, peaceful and creative 2014....May all your dreams come true.........God Bless and enjoy seeing in the New Year .............xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This is for you Mike....Happy New Year xxxx


  1. Hi Chris, Glad you have decided to return to your blog, we all need you and love your work. Happy New Year to you both and Max.
    I must be seeing things coz when I opened the blog Dave and Max were there, then they disappeared. Get Dave back as well as I used to enjoy his blogs. XXX

  2. I shall tell Mike that Dave has returned, you obviously changed your mind but Mike was too quick for you. Hello Dave and Max, have a great year hopefully our life will be back to having fun soon. xx