Sunday, 29 December 2013

Celtic Summer by Lavender and Lace !

Good Morning and Happy New Year to all my followers......I hope 2014 heralds a year of Joy and peacefulness to all !
This is my first Lavender and Lace piece and she is coming on beautifully......I shall update you all on this one....

Wish my hair looked like that !


  1. I just wish my hair would look clean and tidy for more than two or three seconds at a time!!=)

    I'm about to start a cross stitch piece with petit point flesh parts, just like this!

  2. According to my clock the time is 12-15 am so less than a day of this old year, Happy New Year to you and Dave, let's make the New Year a meeting up year. Stitching come on, it is going to look gorgeous when completed. Have a good evening what ever you are doing. xx

  3. Happy New Year and what beautiful stitching!