Thursday, 16 August 2012


Hello everyone, just a little update on what I am up to........As well as my TAST CHALLENGE , I have a
WIP (work in progress ) ! I have been so inspired by SHARON BOGGON , who does the most amazing needlework ! I urge you to visit her website
So this is my mini sampler, that I am hoping to progress with for quite some time........You see this will be

1 metre long but as I get towards the end.......I may add another metre !!!!!
This is an evenweave fabric that is 3 inches wide and I have used many different threads and beads !
As I progress with this project, I shall periodically put up a 'sneak peek', just to keep you updated !!!
Another post tomorrow on my mandala.......Do have a good day.............xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Love the mini sampler, go on add another metre.

    Great work and thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog, you are a star. XXX

  2. This is beautiful .. so delicate . I love the colours you chose too .. gorgeous work Ella!!

  3. That's a nice little sampler you have there, Chris. By keeping it narrow like this, work is easy and quick and I bet you will enjoy this so much that you will add another meter or two! Looking forward to seeing your WIP.

  4. Hi Chris, I'm working all of my TAST stitches on a band as well. It's not nearly as neat looking as yours but it is great to roll up and to have all of the stitches together as a reference guide. :)

  5. I did see this post on Mike's computer but havn't had my on to comment. The colouring is so just right and I like the amount you have done of each stitch. This will look gorgeous no matter how long it get, the ideas keep rolling. xx