Thursday, 30 August 2012


Hello everyone, this week it is sheaf stitch......A very easy stitch and such a delight to work ! I have used a lovely wool felt for this one with perle 8, coton a broder 16 and lovely crystals, beads and sequins !!!
I have chosen an unusual pallette of colours for this one......its nice to be different and think 'outside the box' so to speak !!! I really enjoyed working this beaded mandala and as I stitch, I know that embroidery is most definately my forte !!! I thank God that I am blessed with this hobby and thank you all for stopping by and showing an interest in what I love........
This is a lovely shot of my grandaughter who has just acquired a 'Spirograph' drawing thingy and wanted me to show it on the blog !!!
And this is a shot that I took in my garden yesterday..........................ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Chris, just love the design, beautiful work as usual,and what a very pretty granddaughter you have.
    Smashing garden shot as well, have a great weekend.
    luv Mike XX

  2. Looks fabulous and so neat!
    Lovely pic of your granddaughter and love the butterfly!!
    Have a great Friday!

  3. As usual, I just adore your work. I have studied and been fascinated by mandalas for many years, so I feel that I especially gravitate to your circular works. Just beautiful :)

  4. Hello Chris, I have been following you for weeks and just had to take the time to write and say what wonderful works of art you produce week after week. I was going to doing the TAST but things got in the way and I dont think I could do many of these stitches. I am a real beginner and I only know about 6 stitches but would like to say that I was inspired by your dragonflies and I have made a cushion which I am delighted with and would like to show you but I have no idea how to send it to you, I have only just managed to find out how to leave a comment. If you send me your email I can send it direct if you would like to see it. Also where do you get your lovely felt or do you dye it yourself?
    I will be watching for next weeks little gem
    Love and hugs
    Maria in the UK

    1. Hi Maria, I do hope that you see this reply......I cannot send you my email because I dont know yours ! Please Maria, make another comment with your email address so that I can contact you....I would so love to see your cushion.....
      much love
      Chris Richards

    2. Hi Chris, Sorry I was not thinking but here is my email,


  5. You've made another fantastic Mandala. I can see you enjoyed working with this simple yet rewarding stitch and in 'unusual' colours.
    You have beauty all around you, your granddaughter, her art work and the butterflies in the garden. All great sources of inspiration.

  6. I really like this! The colors are perfect for it. It reminds me of woods.

  7. Hi the dark background you have used for this mandala as the colours of your thread show up beautifully. You have certainly shown off this beautiful stitch with your leaf type design...another mini masterpiece.


  8. Hi, Chris, Love your sample and the colours!
    P.S. I remember my first Spirograph creation - I was hooked!:)
    Barbara/aka Hopscotch

  9. Hi Chris work has got in the way this week but I must stop by> How wonderful your post is this week not only your stunning work but a stunning granddaughter with a beautiful creation and a beautiful butterfly to top it off. You have certainly made use of this weeks stitch. xx

  10. Chris - you are the Queen of Mandalas! Once again, lovely work!

  11. superb I enjoy to see it . I like very much what pin tangle offers
    have agood day

    1. Just beautiful!!! cute little Spyrograph drawing by grand daughter too - lovely addition to the blog page :D