Monday, 12 November 2012

Bead Journal project 2013 !

Hello my dear friends, thank you for stopping by to view my creative shinanikins.......(.probably spelt that wrong !) After a great week end, I need to knuckle under with a bit of 'housework', I suppose !
I spent yesterday at the NEC Birmingham, Hobby craft show.......Spent tooooo much !!!
Anyway I've been accepted to join the BJP 2013........I've always wanted to do creative things with beads
and embroidery so.........Watch this space in 2013, cause I'm gonna have a ball !!!

Thought I would have a little practise, so thought I would give you a 'SNEEK PEEK'

I've also promised a dear friend that I would knit her a extra chunky 'neck warmer', which is looking

Next is a beautiful embroidery that I have started, which is also encrusted with beads.............
Well I hope that I have 'whetted your appetite' and brightened this dull day for you all.............xxxxxxxxxxx
*A quick update on my Son........the cruise ship 'VENTURA' that he is working on, has just docked at
TORTOLA, Eastern Carribean.....He is having the time of his life......We are so very happy for him.......
Love to you, my dear son  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Your new embroidery with beaded butterfly is looking good. So is the bead ornament. I am sure we will be seeing lots of lovely beady creations next year. keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Ella, your work is beautiful. I love the embroidery and the addition of the beads. Can you tell me how you transferred the design to the fabric?
    I'll keep an eye on your posts.:)

  3. Wow Chris you have a few lovely projects on the go....congrats on joining BJP look forward to seeing your creations...your beaded project is amazing...knitting and embroidery dont know where you find the time1 Oh you lucky lady going to the NEC...hope you found some lovely goodies to buy....pleased to hear your son is having a great time....


    Anne x

  4. Beautiful work Chris, absolutely wonderful, Sue says thanks for the wonderful gift and will "speak to you later" I think she means on here but we shall see.
    She is over the moon. Luv Mike XX

  5. Hello Chris, a big thank you for sharing your beautiful work on here and so pleased to find that we can expect more and more in the coming year. So happy for your son, well done to him and an extra big thank you from me for all you do. xx

  6. you are going to be doing even more creative things Chris, the butterfly is already looking wonderful. I am off the the K & S show on 22 nov like you will probably spend too much!

  7. Fantastic news Chris that we will see bead creations next year! Love the new embroidery you are working on.

  8. There is really some beautiful work here, Chris. The photos are lovely too! You really have your hands full, but seem to be having such fun!

  9. I am loving this Chris it looks beautiful already I think it is going to be fantastic, I love all the beads, can't wait to see how it comes along!

  10. Wspaniały haft , piękna kolorystyka.