Sunday, 10 April 2011


Hello all, the sun is shining today here in the uk !
But i am rather sad today, as i lost my King charles cavalier,he passed away yesterday morning. He was  a lovely happy little dog! His name was CHESTER and i loved him dearly !!
I have wonderful memories of Chester that will stay in my heart always !!
God bless you 'CHESSY', rest in peace!! I'll never forget you sweetheart...........xxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh Chris what can except that I know exactly how you are feeling having lost our beloved dog too.

    Just to say I am thinking of you and know the pain you are going through......


  2. Hang in there Chris,
    Try to work on a card this will be good for you, and it will help you heal your broken heart.

  3. Oh Chris, I am so sorry that you have lost Chester, he was such a little cutie. I totally understand how you feel, its been 5 mths since I lost Billy and I still miss him dearly, these things take time, hun. What really helped me was having Teddy, Leigh surprised me with him, cos I think if it had been left to me I would never have got round to doing it, but seriously he really helped, took my mind off Billy not being around.

    I hope you start to feel better soon, and please take comfort in the fact that Chester had a good life with you hun, and you gave him the very best.

    Sending you big hugs!
    Tab x