Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My faerie prince charming !!

Hi there, the sun is shining again today and i'm in
a magical, mystical frame of mind !! Talking of
frames, this is my colourful representation of
a prince charming ! How i imagine a faerie prince
to look ! I,ve popped him into a frame, but dont
know if i'm happy with it ...? Any suggestions
would be appreciated !!
 By the way , he is coloured in with Faber Castell
pencils !! THANKYOU for all your comments
they mean alot to me..... Hope your Prince charming
treats you well today........!!!!!


  1. Wow Chris, you certainly have the colouring down to an art, this is wonderful. Your frame certainly matches your image,and it is a love frame but if you want your image to be the focal point then perhaps a solid colour frame may do that, perhaps pick out a soft blue or the creamy yellow they may work. It is a LOVELY PIECE well done my friend.

  2. Oh Chris this a just fabulous.....your colouring is just beautiful..such a masterpiece.


  3. Ooooh Chris, fabulous piece of art, beautifully coloured! Love it!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  4. That is beautiful, Chris. I actually think the frame you have it in matches well, though I do agree with Sue if you want him to be more of a focal point. Of course, my image of faeries involves having to look twice (or more) to see them, and having them very tied in with nature. So thematically, the frame works for me, including the fact that the first thing I saw with the picture was the flowing 'floral' element to his hat. (Complex way of saying I love it)

  5. Wonderful art piece. I love the art... and the frame compliments the subject matter perfectly. Since fairies are elusive, the frame/art relationship makes perfect sense. Soft and mysterious. Lovely.