Friday 24 February 2012


Hello my lovely followers, this week its chain stitch ! Tried to go off the wall a little bit with this one ! I have used black card shapes with metal brads ( left over from my cardmaking days ) Lots of gold fingering yarn and lots of square beads.........A bit of a wacky colour scheme and there you have it.......I very much appreciate your time in giving me comments, they mean a lot to me, thank you all !!!  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday 21 February 2012


Hello people, The more stitching I do , the more I seem to blog........This is your third helping of  'eye candy'

this week ! I adore french knots and doing this little beauty, sent me cross-eyed but well worth the effort.....I shall certainly be doing more of them.....Hope you like my knots !!!!!  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday 18 February 2012


Hello all, yet another post....oh you are being spoilt this week ! This is a little stumpwork that i really enjoyed doing , and thought you might like brighten up your week end !!

All you pinterest fans out there, I've just started pinning....not very good at it yet, but a big thankyou to all you pinterest guys for pinning my stuff....Have a peaceful, happy and creative week end all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday 17 February 2012


Hello all, the weeks are flying by, no sooner have I finished one mandala...then I'm finishing the next one and so on ! This mandala was very fun to do, I so love this stitch which is AKA LAZY versatile !
I stay so focused doing this TAST  challenge....what am I going to do when its finished.....sigh......One thing i would like to mention is the fact that the anchored stitches in the centrepiece are a different colour ? How did I do it..........You'll have to ask me in a comment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Not quite so many beads used on this one as I did not want to detract from the beauty of the stitches, I really wanted to showcase the stitch !! I truely am very grateful for any comments left on my work and would like to thank Romilly from for featuring me on her ' Mondays Treasures spot' !!!

 I do hope you like my latest mandala......Have a very happy, creative and peaceful week end xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday 10 February 2012


Hello all, well its that time of the week again , when I show my sample  for week 6 of the Tast challenge !

I have used a few washers covered with thread along with some crystals and beads.......a sort of a 'freeform' effort, which I think has worked quite well !! I do hope you like it and of course I appreciate all the lovely comments.....A huge THANK YOU to Sharon , for keeping me focused......I'm loving it All !!!!!!!!

Thursday 2 February 2012

Tast 2012 herringbone stitch week 5 !

Hello all, This is my sample for TAST week 5 ! Herringbone stitch....such a fascinating stitch, you can do so much with it ! I have used evenweave fabric this week as it gives such a neatness to this stitch,and I wanted to show you all my beaded mandalas in a different light !! Each week I shall endeavour to use different ground materials and types of thread as TAST progresses......Hope you like what I have worked on this week....
Have a great week and do keep warm.....Oh by the way, the ladies who have pinned my work on PINTEREST, thankyou for showcasing my work !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx