Friday 25 April 2014

A quick update !

Just a couple of shots on my progress........

Have a great week end folks.........xxxxxx

Tuesday 22 April 2014

A block of Crazy stitching and a fabulous Quaker Ball in progress !

Hi Everyone, hope you had a great Easter and a huge 'pig out ' on all that yummy chocolate !
Today I am showing a little crazy quilting block and by 'little I mean little !

This is my first attempt and the entire block is done by hand as my daughter 
has got my sewing machine.......and I want it back !!!!

Also I am working on a Quaker Ball, which is something that I have just discovered !

Sorry about the light glare on the photograph !

These are my first four squares for mt Quaker ball !
Shall be showing progress on this with updates.........
Thanks so much for popping by and please leave a comment,
Its always lovely to hear from my followers and any questions
you have, I will always try and answer !
Have a good week all xxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday 6 April 2014

Playing with my camera on Super Macro !

I had a beautiful bouquet from my eldest daughter and son-in-law for Mothering Sunday........They have all opened up this morning, so I thought I would capture their beauty................

Hope these brighten your day.........Have a great Sunday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday 5 April 2014

A tiny snippet of what's to come...........

Hello folks, I'm having a blast and letting my brain run riot ! Here is a sneeky peak.......

I am finding this 'freedom' of stitching soooooooo rewarding !

Anybody who wants to have a go at 'Freedom stitching', you are very welcome to copy any ideas that I show and if you need any help, I can answer your questions in the comments box !
i think it should turn out pretty good, fingers crossed...................Have a great week end folks and thanks for popping by xxxxxxxxxxxxx