Saturday 28 April 2012


Hello people, Oh what a week I've had.....spent a couple of days in hospital with chest pains due to a virus.....
dont want to repeat that episode.....anyway many apologies to the dear friends that I have,nt commented on,
please forgive me !!!
TAST this week is wheatear stitch and I am so late with it, but hey, its done now and I hope you like it.....a bit
of a rush, but I am pleased with the result! I used a few extra stitches just to set the scene........
I feel much better now and even though its raining here in the uk....Its good to be alive....cherish what you've got and have a happy and healthy week end........Love to all  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday 20 April 2012


Hello people, this is my next mandala....This week its the french knot, one of my favourites ! So many ideas came into my mind with this stitch....I could have done many different themes...but anyway this is what I came up with........Hope you have an awesome week end and thanks for looking !!!   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday 18 April 2012


Hello people, I have something to share with you today ! I have a very lovely friend called Masha, she is from Russia and has a wonderful stitching and crochet blog which I would urge you all to look at........................

This lovely lady sent me a very precious gift.....a crocheted cross !!
I am so overwhelmed with this gift and shall treasure it always.........Thank you dear friend !!

I have also got the crochet bug as I have said in previous posts.....I have about four different projects on the go at the of which is a 'granny ripple blanket' in very bright colours.........
I shall be posting my TAST mandala at the end of the week as usual......Have a good wednesday xxxxxxxxx
P.S. A huge thank you to Anne for sending me a beautiful card this week.....I am so blessed with good friends !!!!

Friday 13 April 2012

tast 2012 stem stitch week 15 BEADED MANDALA !

Hello all, well its STEM stitch this week and I was in absolute disarray about this one !! My mind boggled for ages.....You see I wanted to do something 'out of the box' so to speak ! Well after much deliberation, I came up with this little fellow..............He is done entirely with stem stitch, with the exception of his turquoise braids!
When I found this image, I thought no, this would be too difficult but I challenged myself to go forward and try........I am so pleased with the outcome and a secret wish of mine has always been to meet a real red indian chief...maybe one day ! Oh and I lied....I did use a little satin stitch on his head dress......I hope my little red indian nurses me back to health soon, cause I still cant get rid of this rotten virus !!!
I did highlight the background with coloured pencil for effect and to accentuate some of his facial features....

Hope you have a healthy and happy week-end, and thank you for taking the time to check out my stitches,

Saturday 7 April 2012


Hello people, well this week it was 'satin stitch ! I really struggled with this one....mostly due to the fact that the whole family has been ill and as we speak, I have a horrible head cold !! I need to get well....I am so fed up with feeling ill !! Anyway, I managed to do a little eye candy for you all....hope you like it and have a lovely Easter holiday !!!!

Sunday 1 April 2012

Crochet therapy !!

Hello, you lovely people.......I am feeling so much better and gaining strength now ! For some strange reason, I had this insatiable urge to crochet, the last couple of dear hubby treated me to a beautiful new crochet motif book and I am loving it !
I have managed to make a few motifs from the book and my Grandaughter Ella-mae has decided she would like a cushion with flowers I have my work cut out !!
I am quite dtermined to learn to read a crochet pattern !

Here in the UK we have a traditional sunday roast dinner and this is my husband dropping a massive hint, that it was time to stop crocheting and get the sunday dinner cooked !!!!!!!
In case you were wondering....that is a large 'Broccoli' down my front !
Hope you have a good Sunday and will be back with my next TAST mandala in the week, have fun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS Love the roses !!!