Thursday 30 August 2012


Hello everyone, this week it is sheaf stitch......A very easy stitch and such a delight to work ! I have used a lovely wool felt for this one with perle 8, coton a broder 16 and lovely crystals, beads and sequins !!!
I have chosen an unusual pallette of colours for this one......its nice to be different and think 'outside the box' so to speak !!! I really enjoyed working this beaded mandala and as I stitch, I know that embroidery is most definately my forte !!! I thank God that I am blessed with this hobby and thank you all for stopping by and showing an interest in what I love........
This is a lovely shot of my grandaughter who has just acquired a 'Spirograph' drawing thingy and wanted me to show it on the blog !!!
And this is a shot that I took in my garden yesterday..........................ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 25 August 2012

Tast 2012 week 34, linked double chain !

Hello everyone, I apologise for being late this week, but I took a few days break and went to Brighton to see my son ! Had a great time with lovely weather....So now I am back home feeling refreshed and full of
life !! Linked double chain is the stitch this week.....oh boy, I have to say that this is one stitch that I did not
like very much !!! I found it a bit of a chore and struggled to create something saying that,
I think what I achieved was reasonable considering !!! I watercoloured my background fabric, used beads and pearls.......most of the threads are hand dyed from my local sewing store....she hand dyes them herself
and they are lovely.....Hope you like my mandala this week and please enjoy the rest of your week end...

Thank you to all who visit my creative corner....I appreciate your time !!!!!!        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday 17 August 2012


Hello, as promised this is my second post ! This week the TAST stitch is Pekinese stitch..........I decided to do something on a large scale . So here is my Large flower , embellished with bugle beads and goldwork beading around the petals.....The usual DMC and perle threads on a felt ground fabric ! I love these colours on the black background..........hope you like this one.......Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my work, have a fabulous week-end...........Oh,.and Mike, loving your blog each day !!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 16 August 2012


Hello everyone, just a little update on what I am up to........As well as my TAST CHALLENGE , I have a
WIP (work in progress ) ! I have been so inspired by SHARON BOGGON , who does the most amazing needlework ! I urge you to visit her website
So this is my mini sampler, that I am hoping to progress with for quite some time........You see this will be

1 metre long but as I get towards the end.......I may add another metre !!!!!
This is an evenweave fabric that is 3 inches wide and I have used many different threads and beads !
As I progress with this project, I shall periodically put up a 'sneak peek', just to keep you updated !!!
Another post tomorrow on my mandala.......Do have a good day.............xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday 9 August 2012


Hello everyone, The sun is shining here today....and it is most pleasant ! That time of the week again, where I show you what I have created ! The stitch is Cast-on stitch, it is called this because its like casting on in knitting, except you do it with needle and thread.......A very pretty stitch ! Well I water coloured my fabric,
mounted into a hoop and this is what I ended up with......................

Its not perfect I know, I love the stitch and the colours !!!
I used Perle 8,Coton a broder 25 and DMC threads together with seed beads and Crystal beads.
Thank you all for visiting my little creative haven.........I do so love it here, have a happy week xxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday 2 August 2012


Hello to you all! This week the stitch is Algerian eye stitch and what a ball I have had with this one !
I have to say that this has got to be a favourite of mine.......It inspires me greatly and all sorts of creative meanderings go on in my mind !! I absolutely love what I have achieved this week and definately would
love to do another larger version of this one and hang it up somewhere special !!!
These are the threads that I have used for this mandala................

I have used 28 count Evenweave fabric and many hours of hard labour, but I am sure it was all worth it !!
Sharon.......You have given me so much creativity..........I thank you !
I also thank all my followers for supporting me on this creative journey.......I hope my work inspires you to

pick up a needle and thread !!! have an awesome weekend.........Love to you all !!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx