Monday 26 August 2013

ZENITH 1 Completed !

Hello dear friends, today I completed ZENITH 1 and this is it...........

So very pleased with this piece! I have had many people approach me, wanting to buy this piece.......I have decided that I will do a series of four in a  similar format with different colourways !

I have accented certain parts with a little bead and used many different needlepoint
patterns and threads. I feel this piece is well balanced and very pleasing to the 
eye !

Just to cover all bases.......This series will be for sale and I am open to offers!
It has been great for my ego, that people want to buy my work and to those people,
I thank you.......This evening I shall start ZENITH 2 and shall be showing my progress at regular intervals !

Thank you all for your wonderful support.......It makes it all worthwhile !!!
Its bank holiday here in the UK and I have had such a fun week end......
This is a few of us at the bottom of my garden, 

Thanks for popping by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday 18 August 2013

Just a little more...........ZENITH 1

Hello dear friends, had a great holiday with my grandaughter Ella-mae and did a little more on my needlepoint design.....take a little look

Just a short post this evening to show you all my progress ! Hope you have all had a great week end ! My son has come home more cruise ships for a little while, lovely to have him back safe and sound...Shall update again soon,
Thank you for peeping into my Zenith.....LOL


  1. The highest point reached by a celestial or other object.

Friday 9 August 2013

A little birdie told me.............

Hello dear followers, firstly I apologise for not returning with my last project finished !  I procrastinate far too much , I need my knuckles rapped......tut tut naughty girl ! The trouble is that I have so much creative energy that I flit from one project to another, so please forgive me......So enough waffle, here is a little something I have made for my Grandaughter as a gift for passing her swimming certificate.....Ella-mae, I love you so much ,well done sweetheart.........

My watercolour background with a myriad of different stitches and mostly perle threads

I just love the colours and the simplicity of this little embroidery !

I have also started a geometric Canvaswork design....take a look

This sort of needlework really intrigues me and is such fun to do !
So watch this one grow.............
I am off again on holiday tomorrow....We are going to Woodland Leisure Theme Park in Devon and taking Ella-mae with us, boy are we gonna have fun !!!
Hope to show you something on my return......Wherever you are and whatever you do, have a great week.......Thank you for popping into my world, I do appreciate it 
Oh almost forgot......This is my grandson Toby,
such an intelligent little boy, dont you think !!

Love you little man !