Thursday 24 November 2011


Hello everyone, a nice bright sunny morning here in the UK ! This is the start of my latest embroidery.....It is an ELSA WILLIAMS traditional crewel embroidery kit, that is new on the market ! My dear husband treated me as he knew I had fallen in love with this piece !
It is embroidered with wool  by tradition and dates right back in history !! I shall post up my progress probably on a weekly basis for those are interested ! I cannot seem to muster up any mojo for card making at the moment, so sorry !!
Oh and by the way, my DH has posted the most fascinating fungi on his blog........We visited a place called 'Hay woods' this week and I was absolutely amazed at the array of Fungi growing there !! This is his blog address  Please if you have time take a little look !
Have a wonderful and peaceful day.........hugs chris R xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday 18 November 2011


Hello all, Sorry to be absent for so long, Its just such a busy time for me at the moment ! Here are some inchies that I have made recently........I have so many projects in the pipeline and I promise not to neglect my

blog in the future ! Hope you like what you see and maybe I've inspired someone today !!!
This is my favourite little chap Max....He is growing so quickly but my, is he a bundle of fun !!!!
One last thing that I need to mention......on my sidebar is a link to my eldest daughters new photographic blog ! Please if you have a moment, take a little is very interesting and shows lots of landmarks in the area that we live in!! Thank you for sparing the time to look at my blog today, I do so much appreciate your input......Have a fabulous week end.....hugs chris xxxxxxxxx

Tuesday 8 November 2011


Hello my favourite people.....Just to let you know that this embroidery is finished and I can now proudly

showcase All my hard work ! !
I have so enjoyed and endured the making of this piece and need to thank certain people for their continuous support throughout ! Eileen, I thank you for putting a link up on your blog, Jacqueline, Anne,
Susiequeue, Glenda, Shirl, Nic, Mike, Trev.......if I've left anyone out, many apologies ! Last but not least my dear husband Dave for walking the naughty Max to let me get on !!! My next project will be started in a few days time.....Have a good week  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.S. This embroidery was a commission, but unfortunately this person has let me down..........Anyone 
interested in this piece of work can email me on BIKERDCR@AOL.COM      Many thanks xx

Wednesday 2 November 2011

shaz's blog candy !

Hi all, just to let you know that shaz has got blog candy ! Go visit her blog and give her a comment on her one year anniversary.........This is her link........

Surf and sand canvaswork embroidery !

Hello everyone, thought I would show you a little something That I did a short while ago !
This is a canvas embroidery using many unusual stitches and many different threads!! I adore this type of
stitching too, although there is a lot of counting to do........but the finished article is so pleasing to the eye !!

Hope you enjoy it......and have a goo day ........xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx