Sunday 13 July 2014

Fabric art, and Roast beef ...A.perfect Sunday and maybe another secret revealed !

Hi All,Having a relaxing Sunday and playing with all my stash.......Got the sewing machine out and making a very colourful Fabric Art Journal ! This is so much fun, I've got ribbons, beads, charms , Sari waste, sequins, pearls, threads galore and more......take a look.......

Lots more to do on this piece !

This is the book that has inspired me to have a go !
I have also found a new technique for tranferring 
images from print to fabric using PVA glue and this 
is the result that I achieved...................

A superb result ! I can now embroider upon this and
really bling it up using coloured pencils, beads, glitter
etc ! !  Maybe if people show an interest in this technique
I may do a tutorial on it  ? Please do let me know  
if you would be interested in a tutorial...........
I shall continue my creative colourful and 'tasty treat'
Sunday....Blissful........., hope your Sunday is great too! !


  1. Is this while the roast beef cooks itself? So pleased that you are having fun with all your creativity, it looks as though it will be a weighty piece when finished, good for you. I would not know where to start, it looks lovely. xx

  2. Oh wow this looks fabulous and I'd love to know how to transfer printed images to fabric, a tutorial would great x

  3. Hi Chris.I am a new follower, and have just ordered this book.I am also making a fabric book (with a sea theme), but got my inspiration for making fabric books from Patti Medaris Culea's book Creative Cloth Explorations.I look forward to see your book's progress.
    Judy .

  4. This looks beautiful and I would love to know how to transfer images with pva asnd any info that would help me to attempt something as complicated. Thanks Sheila

  5. definitely a tutorial please

  6. oh yes a tutorial !! thank you !! this book is merveillous !

  7. PLEASE PLEASE create a tutorial I'd love to know how to do it. I'm starting a tablecloth for my son and daughter-in-law. This would be awesome for it.

  8. Can you please share a tutorial for this. It's looks really good.

  9. estrañandola, me hubiera gustao ver ese tutorial sobre como transferir a la tela, por favor que bueno volver a ver sus creaciones tan maravillosas, lindo blog. Un saludo muy especial