Monday 28 July 2014

Just a quick post to update you on my persuits........and a couple of Dragonflies !

Hi Folks, still very hot here in the UK ! ! !  I've been playing around with some experimental stuff, take a look.........................

This beauty has been coloured with watercolour pencils, his body
is made up of bullion the coloured pencil effect !

much more to do on this  !

Playing with colours and textures.......and this is what happened !
I'm doing a workshop on Friday......think these will be great to teach.

This gorgeous creature flew into my house the other day.........
so I grabbed my camera and took a couple of shots,

Isn't he fantastic.......Thats all folks, have a great week ! I'm on holiday from
next Monday, will post when I get back, have fun and thanks for popping in xxxxxxx


  1. Have a great holiday wherever you go and thanks for posting. Your dragonfly is beautiful and so is your photography, so clear.
    Your workshop piece is fantastic, I do hope everyone manages it, I think I would run out of the door but not if I thought it would turn out like yours. xx

  2. Good luck with your workshop and have a lovely holiday, great Dragonfly shot and good stitching to boot. XXX

  3. BOTH dragonflies are stunning!
    I so much like your choice of stitches for the workshop. Everyone will love learning to make them.

  4. Your dragonflies are gorgeous! It never occurred to me that my water color pencils could be used on fabric. Thanks for sharing your lovely work!

  5. It is beautiful! Will the watercolor pencils last the washing machine once you are done?